Mitzi Gibson vying for District 2 Council seat

Mitzi Gibson announces she will run for the Alexandria City Council District 2 seat.

Editor’s Note:

Mitzi Gibson on Wednesday, June 30, formally announced that she will run for the District 2 seat on the Alexandria City Council.

Everett Hobbs currently holds the seat.

She made the announcement at the Alexander Fulton Hotel.

Below is the text of her announcement:

I am Mitzi Gibson and I want the opportunity to serve as your District 2 Alexandria City Councilwoman.

As I stand before you this evening, my announcement is not about me wanting to be on the city council, it’s about me wanting to serve you as your District 2 city councilwoman.

Let me take a moment to thank my family. My husband Jerry and our four wonderful children for their prayers and support………I also would like to thank the many supporters who have already called asking for yard signs, offering campaign contributions as well as their time. I can’t tell you how humbled and excited all of the outreach has made me feel.

………….It is our intent to make this election unlike any race in Alexandria’s history. We are scrapping the way campaigns and our city governments tone has operated over the past several years and branching off toward a more sound and efficient race and government that are based on the issues that many of our citizens too often face. Our vision and desire is to see a city where parents don’t have to decide between buying school supplies or paying utility bills nor our elderly having to choose between utility bills or medicine. There is a desire that local families and small businesses should not have to wake up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of water damage due to drainage complications. Every citizen should have safe streets free of crime, debris, and flood waters.

We should be aggressive at strengthening the businesses that are currently in our area and working to attract new ones. For the next several weeks, we will be walking the district not only talking about Drainage, Crime, Blighted neighborhoods, Trash pickup, and Economic Development but just listening to what you have to say. I’ve already been listening by attending our neighborhood meetings within District 2. I would like the opportunity to represent us and let our voice be heard.

I am focused and committed to telling our city administration as well as other council members how we feel and what we want in our community. I stand optimistic about the future of this progressive city I truly believe that everything we find wrong here in Alexandria can be fixed by those things that are found to be right about Alexandria.

With me as you’re Councilwoman I will listen to your comments and suggestions and act upon them to find a solution, but we must remember that in order for us to move forward in District 2, I need your willingness, ideas, time, support and your vote on October 2nd.  Please go out and express the change you want to see in our city by electing me as your next Alexandria District 2 City Councilwoman.

By expressing Your Voice, Your Vision and Your Vote you can be assured that our community will be a better place. Thank you all so much for coming out, I look forward to us working together, good evening and GOD bless!