Rodney Alexander receives Guardian of Small Business Award

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading small business association, today named U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-Quitman, a Guardian of Small Business for his outstanding voting record on behalf of America’s small business owners in the 111th Congress.

NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner, who presented Alexander with the decoration, said “In the 111th Congress, Representative Alexander proved that he is a champion of small business. The Guardian of Small Business Award is a token of the deep appreciation that small business owners have for elected officials who promote and protect their right to own, operate and grow their businesses.”

Alexander said he was pleased to receive this important recognition.

“I am proud to be named a Guardian and vow to do everything I can to keep the American Dream alive,” said Alexander.

“These days, small businesses are hesitant to hire and scared to expand due to the uncertainty created by Washington’s harmful policies. It frustrates me to imagine how many potential entrepreneurs and small business owners have been discouraged because our tax policies hamper the entrepreneurial spirit.

“Especially during these trying times, raising taxes will essentially eliminate even more jobs; it will bring job creation and economic recovery to screeching halts. When approximately 15 million individuals remain unemployed, for us to continue down this reckless path is unfathomable.”

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