Red Cross to host hurricane prepardness event for military personnel and families

With late August marking the peak of Hurricane Season and September hailed as National Preparedness Month, the Red Cross will be hosting a special event for military families in Central Louisiana.  At the event, military personnel and families will be able to build an emergency preparedness kit and learn about emergency preparedness.  The American Red Cross’ Services to Armed Forces will host a Ready Fort Polk Emergency Preparedness Kit event Aug. 28 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at Army Community Service bldg 920, BellRichard Avenue.

Fort Polk is one of six places worldwide to participate in the grant-funded program this year.  Other locations are Germany, Korea, Fort Drum, N.Y., Fort Lewis, Wash., and Fort Belvoir, Va.

The goal is to provide 1,500 Families at each location with basic elements of an emergency/disaster kit. The items that will be made available for military families at the event include:

• ARC multipurpose lantern
• Two LED flow sticks
• Two emergency preparedness drawstring bags
• Self-powered AM/FM National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration radio
• Personal safety pack
• Mini water storage system
• Multi-tool

Red Cross volunteer teams from across Louisiana will be will be available to demonstrate how to assemble a disaster kit and to provide community disaster preparedness information.  Other Fort Polk agencies and units will be supporting the event as well.

The event is open to anyone with a military ID: Active duty, Reserve, National Guard or retirees.

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