Roosevelt Johnson intends to take mayor’s seat

By Bill Sumrall
The Light
City Councilman-at-Large Roosevelt Johnson officially announced his candidacy
to run for mayor of Alexandria Thursday.

Some 50 people attended the June 24 event on the steps of Alexandria City Hall,

including members of Xtreme Praise Ministries, who performed afterward.

Johnson acknowledged God and thanked his wife, supporters and family during

his opening remarks.

“I’ve waited for this moment for four years, a chance to stand before you, to come

again, because I love Alexandria, I love this city, I love what Alexandria has to
offer for its future,” Johnson said, referring to his 2006 bid for the office of mayor.

“This is a great day for me because on this day, what the people have waited on,

for what you have waited on, I announce my candidacy,” Johnson said.

Applause and cheers from those present partially drown out his words.
Johnson finished third in the 2006 mayoral primary election. The open primary

election this year is Oct. 2 and, if needed, a runoff will be held Nov. 2. Qualifying
for the mayor’s race is set for July 7-9.

So far, only two other people, Von Jennings and the Rev. Joseph Franklin, have

announced their candidacy for mayor of Alexandria, a post currently held by
Jacques Roy.

Mayor Roy was elected to his first term in 2006 after former Mayor Ned

Randolph, who served for 20 years, decided not to seek a sixth term.
Johnson told the crowd about his plans should he win election as mayor.

“The Johnson plan is a plan of spirit for our community … for the best and the

brightest to come together for economic development and industrial growth, for
public safety and safe communities within our city, the repairing of the
infrastructure for future growth and development,” Johnson said.

Johnson also touted development of Red River economic assets, maintaining

good government, ensure partnerships with other cities, towns and communities
and restoring neighborhoods “to what we want them to be, to build a strong
community … within our Alexandria.”

Johnson cited proper drainage, flood control and crime prevention as issues

important to him and pledged to establish partnerships with local private and
public colleges so graduates choose to stay and develop our future as a city.

“Our goal is to build strong communities and strong neighborhoods, quality of life,

to redevelop the Red River, to redevelop our port, to do those things that’s going
to make Alexandria grow,” Johnson said.

He wanted to ensure that a marina and redeveloping downtown and infrastructure

creates within the city “those goals, those objectives, that’s going to move our city
forward, to make Alexandria a marketplace for Louisiana,” Johnson said.

“On this day, the best choice, the right choice, for leadership, is workability,

accountability and responsibility, to do those things that’s going to bring those
results, with Roosevelt Johnson be chosen as your next mayor for the city of
Alexandria,” he said.

“There’s not but one choice which is the best choice, the right choice, for

leadership, to work together for the spirit of Alexandria, the spirit of our
community, to lead Alexandria forward, is Roosevelt L. Johnson,” he concluded.

Thursday’s announcement opened with welcoming remarks and the Pledge of

Allegiance led by Martha Raster, followed by the Rev. Michael Howard praying,
then Leonard Jackson citing Johnson’s experience and accomplishments.

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