Rapides Regional Medical Center now found on Smartphones

Rapides Regional Medical Center recently announced the launch of its first ever Smartphone app, iTriage.

This Smartphone medical application contains information on more than 300 symptoms, 1,000 diseases and 350 medical procedures. It also lists the current Emergency Room wait times at Rapides Regional Medical Center – as well as a list of RRMC services, specialties, campus map and driving directions.

“The iTriage application is designed to help consumers make the most appropriate decision about their healthcare needs,” said Charla Ducote, Rapides Regional Medical Center’s vice president of marketing and business development. “And it’s information available to them when they can’t be in front of their computer. It’s information available on-the-go.”

Consumers can download the free iTriage app for their iPhone, iPod touch, Android  or Palm – or access the medical application at www.iTriageHealth.com. BlackBerry® smartphone users will soon have their own iTriage application, as well.

iTriage was developed by two Colorado emergency physicians who wanted to give patients the ability to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

For instance, if your child comes down with stomach pain, you can search iTriage “symptoms” – and get a list of possible causes. From there, you can click on a list of procedures typically used to diagnose the condition.

And finally, based on your specific medical problem, iTriage will tell you how to get in touch with the most appropriate physician or hospital and provides a list of physicians based on your zip code.

“Rapides Regional Medical Center sets the pace for the rest of Louisiana healthcare providers in offering this cutting-edge technology to advance their patient services,” said Peter Hudson, M.D., Healthagen CEO and iTriage developer. “We look forward to a flourishing partnership with Rapides Regional as more Americans adopt smartphones as their frontline communications tool.”

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