20 laptops stolen, recovered at Alexandria Middle Magnet School

By Everything Cenla staff

Stefon Bassett, 17, 3224 May St., Alexandria, and two juveniles were arrested in connection with the theft of 20 computers from Alexandria Middle Magnet School, according to Alexandria Police.

Principal Tim Thorp received an alarm about 2:55 a.m. Thursday, June 10, relating to motion in the library. Thorp told police he arrived at the school to find the side door open on the far right side of the building leading into the Home Economics classroom.

The suspects entered the building through the Home Economics room door and proceeded to the computer class. The door from the computer room to the library had a vent at the bottom kicked out and the door was unlocked. The desktop computer on the librarian’s desk was knocked over. A shovel that had been outside was apparently used to open the locked cabinets containing the laptops, which were pulled out and thrown to the ground. One of the laptops had been stepped on and officers found a large shoe print from an Air Jordan tennis shoe.

Thorp reported that the two sets of double doors leading to the outside of the building had the chains removed and the chains could not be located.

Video from surveillance cameras showed one of the suspects checking the doors and window at the school. Thorp said he recognized one of the suspects as a former student. Video also showed suspects walking away with backpacks.

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  1. …juvie idiots…

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