Search warrant yields two arrests, pills and drugs

A search warrant at a Dennis Street duplex yielded two arrests, pills, suspected  crack cocaine and more than $1,700 in cash, according to Sheriff Charles F. Wagner.

Authorities arrested Reginald Jackson, 25 and Angela Brice, 27, both of 3020 Dennis St.

According to Wagner, authorities used search warrants at 3020 and 3022 Dennis streets following a two-month investigation into the suspected drug sales at the duplex.

During the search, officers allegedly found drugs and cash in each side of the duplex. Reginald Jackson and Brice were together in one side of the duplex, where officers claim they observed crack cocaine in plain view. The cash was also found in that side of the duplex.
Pills were found on the other side of the duplex, Wagner said.

Authorities are looking for a third man who they suspect is responsible for the drugs at the duplex.

Jackson and Brice were each charged with possession of CDSI, possession of CDS II, and possession of CDS IV.

The third suspect, authorities said, will be charged with possession of CDS II and possession of CDS III.

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