Alexandria Housing Authority begins construction on ‘green’ housing development

An early morning concrete pour early Thursday morning begins the process of putting the foundation in place for Louisiana’s first “green” public housing development, said Wanda K. Davis, executive director of the Alexandria Housing Authority.

That concrete pour occurred at 3 a.m. on the site of the Alexandria Housing Authority’s latest housing development.  Located on Loblolly Lane, Legacy Heights is part of a revitalization effort by AHA to improve its housing stock. Phase 1 of that effort will consist of 64 units with two-bedroom, one-bathroom and 3 bedroom-2 bath configurations.  An additional 200 units are planned with Phases 2 and 3. 

The organization received nearly $8 million in federal stimulus funds to build Phase 1 of Legacy Heights, which will feature “green” aspects throughout its infrastructure in an effort to promote energy efficiency and reduce impact on the local environment, Davis said.

The Alexandria Housing Authority was one of the few housing authorities in the nation to successfully compete for and win stimulus funding for green development.  Also, the Alexandria Housing Authority is the only public housing green development in Louisiana.

Construction officials expect to continue the early morning concrete pours over the next two weeks.  The cooler temperatures during that time of day presents a better situation for the “curing” of the concrete as well as the comfort levels of workers.  The foundation concrete pours will be followed up by parking lot construction before moving on to framing the buildings that will make up the development.

Legacy Heights is being built on the site of the former Wooddale Park development.  It was demolished in the spring of 2006 to make way for revitalization efforts of the Alexandria Housing Authority.  This effort represents the largest public housing initiative in central Louisiana history.

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