Alexandria man accused of stabbing brother to death

By EverythingCenla staff

Nathan White, 27, 608 Highpoint Dr., Alexandria, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his brother, Josh White, 30, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

Nathan White was arrested Saturday, May 8, shortly before midnight for using a sword to cut his brother.

According to the police report, the following allegedly occurred:

Police responded to the Highpoint Drive home in reference to a fight between the brothers that left dead.

When officers arrived, first responders notified them that Josh White had no heartbeat and wasn’t breathing.

Detectives spoke to the men’s grandmother, Patricia White, and another woman, Ashley Lemoine, who were inside of the home when the brothers were fighting.

Patricia White told officers she had picked up Nathan White, who had been at a friend’s house drinking. When they arrived at home, Josh White, who had also been drinking, was playing a game on the television. The grandmother said Josh was cursing and yelling a lot while playing the video game.

The grandmother told Josh to calm down in her house and that she didn’t want to hear that kind of language. Josh then stood up and began cursing at Nathan. The two began to argue and curse at each other.

Patricia White said Nathan became scared and went to his room and grabbed a sword telling Josh to stay away from him. He then closed his door and locked it. Josh then went to Nathan’s room and opened the door.

“You stabbed me,” the grandmother said she heard Josh yelling.

Lemoine told police she was in the room with Nathan when Josh came into the room and jumped on Nathan and “then was stabbed with the sword.” Josh fell to the floor bleeding from his chest.

The grandmother called 911.

Detectives brought Nathan, Patricia White and Lemoine to the police department.

 Nathan was booked into the Rapides Parish Jail.

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