2nd Evening Star congregation dedicates new facility

The members of Second Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church dedicated their new church facility in a ceremony that featured singing, preaching, and eating.

The church is located at 150 Cooper Road in Alexandria. The congregation had been worshiping at their building located on Hot Wells Springs Road.

The theme of the celebration was “Dare to Trust, Dare to Believe,” taken from Psalm 27:3-5 and Mark 9:23.

The Rev. Ameal Jones, pastor  of  Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Alexandria and former pastor of Second Evening Star, was the speaker.

During the celebration, Pastor Phillip Taylor presented a recognition to the family of the late John Feazell, who had been instrumental in helping the congregation get the necessary permits from the Health Department.

“We were dead in the water as we ran into a hurdle that we didn’t know how to get around,” Taylor said. “Someone told us about John Feazell, who had helped them get an oxidation pond. Mr. Feazell worked with us to get what we needed to pass the Health Department requirement.”

“Unfortunately, God called Mr. Feazell home before we completed the church. His family his here with us today,” Taylor said. Feazell of Boyce died in September 2009.

Other program participants included Juliette Brown, Sarah Lloyd, Cornelius Smith, and Shelia Dupar.

The church’s building committee included Taylor, Eugene King, Alex Salters, Smith and George Jones. The Dedication Service Committee included Ethel Quinney, chairwoman; Eugene King, co-chair; Juliette Brown, Maggie Brown, Alma Fletcher, Carrie McKinney, Cheryl Ridley, Frankie Rosenthal, Ethel Salters, Susie Smith, Gwendolyn Williams, Joyce Williams, O’Neal Williams.

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