Rapides Parish marriage licenses, March 1-25

During the period of March 1-25, the Rapides Parish Clerk of Court’s office issued marriage licenses to the following:

  • Joshua Duane Lucas and Virginia Nicole King
  • David Michael Maddox and Stephanie Allbritton
  • Jason David Wesse and Christina Amber Romero
  • John Allen Carmouche Jr. and Tonya Denise Hill
  • Jarell Price and marey Patricia Herrera
  • Darrin Boone Smith and Marissa Elizabeth Martin
  • Tramiryn Destavirio Herron and Marquita Nichole Russaw
  • Bradley Michael Seaman and Kristin Leanne Tuneberg
  • Joseph Cryer Strother III and Charlotte Kimberly Alexander
  • Gerald Lynn LaCaze Jr. and Amanda Kate Newman
  • Eric Lee Head and Melissa Sue Bryant
  • Alvin Joseph Washington III and Kimberly Woods
  • Christopher Devon Deal and Katrina Patrish Murdock
  • Alfred Eugene Collum and Sarah Ruth Turner
  • Bruce Kent Crossgrove and Linda Marie Cobb
  • Christopher Sean Altenberger and Jennifer Sullivan
  • Ramon Amrie Woolery and Darlene Young
  • Brandon Scott Penton and Brandi Nekay Williams
  • Richard Allen LaPrarie and Heather Joy Hanner Wilkins
  • Gregory Scott Coutee and Angela Kaye Prudhomme
  • Lawrence Anthony Springer and Brandy Celeste Aday
  • Michael Sinque Maeweathers and Surond Renette Green Robertson
  • Arnold Ray Sims and Dora Marie Maguire Green
  • Jayaprakash Sothinathan and Sarah Czerena Bates
  • David Lee Cammack and Ganell Marie Lacombe
  • Winnie Simmons and Anna Gail Wardsworth
  • Tyler Evan Greene and Lacey Crystal Dawn Lacey Thornhill
  • Michael Lynn Satcher and Courtney Renee Lowe
  • Kenneth Dewayne Ferrell Jr. and Sonya Lynette Fountain Carrozzo
  • Vince Edmond Spurgeon and Amy Michelle Steele Ates
  • Tommy Jay Dmetric Johnson and Jada Dionne Smith
  • Edward Thomas Blue Jr. and Crystal Lane Lachney
  • Sean Demon Fields and Keisha Franciene Washington
  • Dustin Blake Johnson and Tamera Annette Murphy
  • Walter Ray Myers and Modenia Kay Fisher Foster
  • Raymond Leo Lambert Jr. and Bonnie Davis
  • James Stewart Whittle and Janet Faye Rand Keckler
  • Robert Lee McQueen Jr. and Audrey Renea Brown
  • Jeremy Michael Young and Star Bethany Delcambre
  • Chance Joseph Farace and Sabrina Ann Pace Foster
  • Dayton Cory Maricle and Kayla Lavon Strother
  • Juan Jose Saldana Jr. and Shannon Leigh Miller Voiselle
  • Robert James Gaston Jr. and Tenisha Nicole Bradford
  • Tony Maurice McDonald and Evie Lena Deary Landry
  • Byron Chase Hawthorne and Malery Ann Perkins
  • Justin Michael McDaniel and Casey Valley Sorrells
  • Joseph Lynn Thornill and Molly Anne Tynes
  • Kelvert John Lemonia and Ashanti Shawnee Frazier
  • Thomas Russell Hataway and Kimberly Ann Rizzo
  • Brent Duane Reeves and Arielle Hope Brossett
  • Thomas Carroll Morvant and Erine Elaine Smith
  • Peter Black Socia and Kristen Michelle Bordelon
  • Richard Steven Logsdon and Amanda Marie Barton
  • Joshua Neil Dauzat and Sarah Renee Howell
  • Cade Maloy Hilton and Brooks Nicole Brunson
  • Daniel Blake Bartholomew and Kayla Bolding
  • Amr El Sayed Khorshed and Dalia El Sayed El Metawally
  • Chad Andrew Smith and Jamie Lynn George
  • Joseph Dwayne Gauthreaux and Spencer Landis
  • Carlous DeJuan Smith and Amanda Ardoin
  • Dallas Ray Kennedy and Melissa Gayle Harper Lopez
  • Davetric Larone Clark and Jaquanna Jelyn Smith
  • Terry James Henry Griffth and Melva Marie Creel Henry
  • Raymond Gene Haralson and Marie Angelica Jimenez-Gonzalez
  • David Albert Andries III and Julia Leeanne Monroe
  • Alton Martin and Renee Delong Stacey
  • James Luther Nichols III and Mary Margaret Ussery
  • Steven Jeremy Pittman and Nicole Denee Walker
  • Charlie Joe Roshto and Frankie June Marler Roshto
  • Michael David Doyle and Abigail Patricia Brown
  • Michael Malen Stickels and Hope Estelle Slatten Lacombe

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