Alexandria man shot in the leg Monday night, no arrests made

By Everything Cenla staff

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating the shooting of an Alexandria man Tuesday night at a Ball Powell Street home.

David Dewayne Bryant, 32, 70 Ball Powell, was shot once in the leg, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

According to the police report, the following allegedly occurred:

The police department received a call about a burglary in progress. When officers arrived a woman flagged down police and reported her boyfriend, who was in the house, had been shot and the suspects had left the area.

Officers found Bryant on the sofa with a gunshot wound to his lower left leg. Bryant told police he went into the house to stop one of the suspects, who was breaking into the house. Bryant accused the suspect, who he said he did not know, of having a television in his hands sitting it down on the bed.

Bryant reported he got his gun from out of his closet and walked to the front door when he noticed the suspect with a gun. The suspect began shooting at Bryant causing him to shoot back.

Because of children in the suspect’s vehicle, Bryant said he aimed the weapon at the vehicle’s tires. In the meantime, the suspect shot Bryant in the leg.

Acadian Ambulance arrived to treat Byrant, who was taken to Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital.

Officers found several spent casings and turned them over to detectives.

Meanwhile, Bryant’s girlfriend told police she and Bryant were riding near the house when they saw the suspects next door and became suspicious. They drove around the block and came back to see one of the suspects kicking in the door.

The woman said she and Bryant stopped the vehicle in the back of the house. Byrant went inside the side door to stop the suspects resulting in the shootout.

Bryant told police the suspect who shot him is his neighbor’s friend, but that he does not know him. The second suspect, according to Bryant, never entered the house but acted as the lookout.

In the meantime, officers discovered the police department received a call about a burglary at 72 Ball Powell about 30 minutes before the call about the shooting. The complainant on that call was the second suspect officers were looking for regarding the shooting incident.

That caller accused Byrant and his girlfriend of breaking into his house.

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