Wilshire Drive man arrested on four warrants, including resisting an officer

By EverythingCenla staff

Robert Jason Leblanc, 32 1239 Wilshire Dr., Alexandria, was arrested Monday, Feb. 22, on four warrants that charged him with resisting an officer, reckless operation, contempt of court, and violation of a protective order, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

The arrest stem from a May 26, 2009, incident when the following allegedly occurred:

While on patrol, a police officer observed a 1995 blue Ford pickup traveling northbound into the traffic circle at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was “erratically” moving over the solid white line and changing lanes without using a turn signal.

The officer trailed the pickup as it circled in a eastward direction in front of the Alexandria Mall. The officer followed the vehicle to the red light at Masonic and Memorial drives as the vehicle turned right on Memorial Drive. The vehicle stopped behind the Furniture Gallery, where the officer put his emergency blue light on.

The officer stepped out of an unidentified police unit and identified himself to Leblanc and asked him for his driver’s license. Leblanc allegedly bends over stating he was sick and attempted to throw up. He then gave the officer his driver’s license. As the officer went to grab his portable radio, Leblanc allegedly fled on foot.

The officer began to chase Leblanc. He was not able to grab his radio to let headquarters know of the circumstances. The officer chased Leblanc to the front of “All About Hair” salon and cut him off as he ran behind a long bush. Leblanc turned to the officer and allegedly charged at him hitting the officer in the chest with both of his fists. Leblanc continually said he did not want to go to jail.

Leblanc allegedly grabbed the officer by his shirt and began to tear his shirt as they began to struggle back to the front of the building. The officer warned Leblanc to stop fighting, but Leblanc continued. The officer allegedly hit Leblanc several times in an effort to get him to stop fighting. The officer also held him at gunpoint, but Leblanc refused to go to the ground. Leblanc was able to slide inside the building and lock the door.

The officer made contact with a witness, who knew Leblanc by name. She pleaded with him several times to stop and go down to the ground. The officer used the woman’s cell phone to notify headquarters about the situation.

Leblanc ran to the back of the building. When additional officers arrived, the officers searched the inside of the building, including the attic, but were not able to find Leblanc.

A woman who was in the salon getting her hair styled told officers she saw Leblanc locking the door and running off. A third woman told officers she witnessed the scene. A fourth woman said she knew Leblanc had run up to her attic and that she would go up and advise him to come down. She returned and said she did not know where LeBlanc was.

Officers had the vehicle towed and a hold placed on it.

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