Alexandria man accused of trying to stab his wife to death

Michael Jett

By EverythingCenla stff

Michael Jett, 39, 615 Avoyelles Drive, Alexandria, was booked into the Rapides Parish Jail on a charge attempted second degree murder after he allegedly repeatedly beat and stabbed his wife, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

Jett was arrested late Tuesday night, the report indicates.

According to the police report, the girlfriend, who works at IHOP told her manager that she needed to leave work early due to Jett’s demands. Shortly afterwards, Jett is accused of coming into the restaurant causing a scene and telling the girlfriend that she needed to leave work because he was no longer going to babysit her children.

A witness told police that as the couple went to the vehicle, Jett allegedly pulled his girlfriend into the vehicle and started hitting her. The couple left the restaurant in the girlfriend’s gold color Dodge Intrigue.

Later, police responded to 615 Avoyelles Dr., in connection with a disturbance. Police found the wife in the back of an ambulance. She accused Jett, who was inside of the house, of stabbing her. Officers found Jett sitting in the kitchen area.

The ambulance took the victim to Rapides Regional Medical Center, where she allegedly told officers her husband called her on the phone and screamed she needed to come get her children. She said she had gotten permission from her manager to leave her job early as Jett was driving up to the restaurant. Jett allegedly came into the restaurant and forced her to come outside. She accused her husband of forcing her to get in the driver’s side of vehicle. Meanwhile, a witness came outside and tried to help her, but Jett allegedly threatened him with a box cutter.

As she was driving away from the restaurant, the woman said, Jett allegedly began cutting her in the side with the box cutter. She attempted to flag a passing police officer but the officer did not stop. Jett allegedly punched her in the face after the police car drove by. As she continued to drive, Jett allegedly continued to cut her and threatened her by saying, “Tonight is your night bitch. You are going to die and I’m going to jail.

The wife said when they arrived at her mother-in-law’s house, her brother-in-law was able to stop Jett from cutting her.

Officers said they observed four to five lacerations on the woman’s right side with a large cut to her right wrist. The wife also had a cut to her head and swelling to her forehead.

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