APD arrests six on drug charges

According to Newman Bobb, Alexandria Police Department’s narcotics supervisor, reported the following:

Narcotics received complaints of drug activity coming from 1709 Polk St. Agent were able to obtain enough information to conduct a search of the residence. Agents allegedly found prescription pills, marijuana  and items used to package marijuana for street sales.  The following were arrested

Suspect: Jeanette Payne, 48, 1709 Polk St., Alexandria
Charges:    Poss CDS I Marijuana with intent
Poss CDS III  Hydrocodone With IntentPoss CDS 11  “Demerol”
Poss of Drug Paraphernalia

Suspect: Jonathan Smith,  1709 Polk St. Alexandria, LaCharges:   Poss of CDS I Marijuana
Poss of Drug Paraphernalia

Suspect: Valencia Payne, 22, 1709 Polk St., Alexandria
Charge:   Probation Violation

Agents received several complaints of drug activity and discharging of firearms
Several callers complained of drug dealing and persons shooting weapons in the Harris Street area.  A Zero Tolerance operation was conducted. Agents observed what appeared to be a possible drug transaction taking place in the 2800 Block of Harris Street. Agents spotted a vehicle occupied by Gregory Culbert, 22, of 2424 Wise St. After a search of Culbert’s vehicle, agents allegedly found Hydrocodone pills and a loaded handgun. Culbert was charged with illegal carrying of a aeapon with CDS III and illegal possession of a weapon by convicted felon

APD Tipline leads to drug arrest
Narcotics detectives received information of possible heavy narcotics activity at 2434  Midway St. After several hours of surveillance, agents obtain permission to search the residence and allegedly found 33 individual small plastic bags containing cocaine packaged for sale. Arrested was:

Otha Tatum, 26, 2829 Monroe St. He was charged with possession of CDS II cocaine with intent.

Suspected major prescription pill distributor arrested
Narcotics received a call, which gave the description of a vehicle  believed to be transporting a large of amount of illegal prescription pills that were being offered for sale. Narcotics located the vehicle illegally stopped in the 3500 block of Baldwin Avenue. Narcotics agents began to investigate the driver and the vehicle which led to a permission to search of the vehicle. Agents allegedly found 105 Xanax,  141 Hydrocodone pills, and $942 in cash.

Demond Ross, 31, 4318 Woodside Dr. He was charged with possession of CDS III Hydrocodone with intent, possession of CDS IV Xanax with intent and  unauthorized stopping in the street.

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