Body found in Kincaid Lake ID as Amanda L. Stroud, 22

The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office has identified the body of the woman found in Kincaid Lake on Tuesday as Amanda L. Stroud, 22, of 445 Patch Leg Road, Montgomery.

Stroud was reported missing to the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 20, said Sheriff Charles Wagner Jr.

A complete autopsy of Stroud’s body did not determine the cause of death. The case remains under investigation. anyone has any information reference this case please contact the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318)473-6700, Crime Stoppers at (318)443-7867 or on the web at

6 Responses

  1. My heart goes out to the family. I just have unanswered questions just as the family does due to the fact that I sat on the porch Tuesday night and watch the crime scene unit search a pineville home removing items and purses from this mans home where 2 young ladies onced lived and now they are missing and 1 body found, but yet we as people living in the neighborhood has no clue what lives amoung us. I am only speaking for myself but I think we should have the right to now what is going on around us so we know what to watch for too. Again May God bless this family with healing hands to help them all thru this time of loss.

    • I am searching for any clues whatsoever that may help in Amanda’s investigation. I would love to hear more about this house in pineville??? My email is please email anything that u may have about this…

    • I haven’t heard anything about the pineville home and I also live in Pineville. I agree the neighborhood and the public too need to know about this. This is really scary. My thoughts and prayers go out to Amanda’s family and her friends. May God Bless each and everyone of you.

  2. I can certainly understand the concern about these missing girls. I have two teenage daughters myself and I am scared everytime they leave my house. There are many crimes that go on in this area that are never even published. It makes me so angry to know this information and never see it come out in the public eye. All I can say is keep your children close and don’t trust anyone. Men and women alike need to be mindful of their actions and watch there back. Most of the things that go on are directly related to life style decisions and either being with the wrong people are being in the wrong places. I agree with you the public has the right to know in order to not be the victim. Did the police ever question you regarding these missing girls?

  3. I am a cousin of the girl that is still missing and if anyone has any info that could possible help us find her please let me know This girl is like my lil sister and i love her so much and want to find her Pleas help us find her

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