Haiti Relief Bucket Brigade raises $2,950

Because Theresa Bowie turned her compassion into action; $2950 was raised to support the response efforts in Haiti at the Martin Luther King Day parade.

Bowie, founder and organizer of the “CenLa Young Adults”- an organization created to provide an avenue of service for young adults to enhance the local community, contacted the Red Cross the day after the Haiti earthquakes with hopes of organizing a grass roots campaign to help the Haiti response.

After meeting with local community organizations like the Black Fire Fighters of Alexandria, the Central Louisiana Red Cross, City Councilman Ed Larvadain, State Rep.  Herbert Dixon and other community leaders, it was agreed upon that a bucket brigade would be the best way to get the entire community involved with the efforts to help the people of Haiti.  “I am not the type of person that sits back and wishes for change,” said Bowie. “I want to execute positive ways for young leaders to get up, get out and get involved with organizations like the Red Cross.”

Leann Murphy, Red Cross CEO manned the Red Cross information table that was set up at “The Corner Office” where individuals came to donate and ask questions about the relief efforts. “When our community joins together like this, to support the Red Cross, lives are powerfully impacted,” says Murphy.

The Central Louisiana Red Cross is very appreciative to the community for all of their support.  For updates on the American Red Cross Response in Haiti and to make a donation to the International Relief Fund, visit www.cenlaredcross.org or call 318-442-6621.

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