Narcotics agents shut down suspected drug house

The Alexandria Police Department Narcotics agents discovered what appeared to be a drug house at 5241 Bluebird Lane and arrested three people Thursday, said Newman Bobb, Narcotics supervisor.

Inside the home, officers allegedly smelled a strong odor of suspected marijuana inside the home. With permission to search the home, officers allegedly found several items used to smoke marijuana and to distribute it. Officers notified narcotics agents to respond to the home.

Agents and officers allegedly found more than 80 marijuana pipes which were being used to smoke marijuana. Also, officers allegedly found several scales, which were used to weigh the marijuana as it was being sold.  About 1,277 grams of Hydroponic high grade marijuana  was seized with an estimated street value approx $30,000.

Agents seized 725grams of Hydroponic Marijuana Butter, which is butter mixed with marijuana ingredients.

“This butter is used by marijuana users as a food spread which is believe to be a safer way of ingesting marijuana. However, it will give you the same high as smoking it.  Agent seized three blocks of Hydroponic Butter valued at $24,” Bobb said.

In addition to the marijuana, agents also seized 80 Xanax and 39 Lorcet, with a street value of $1,000, and  $8,300 cash from the home also.

Arrested are: Lewis Gauthier, 20, 5241 Blue Bird Lane; Johanathan Jarreau, 23, 5241 Blue Bird Lane; Sarah Clinton, 22, 357 Nelms Loop, Colfax.

Each were booked on charges of   possession of CDS I (marijuana with intent, possession of CDS III (Lorcet Hyrdrocodone) with intent, possession of CDS IV (Xanax) with intent, possession of drug paraphernalia and disturbing the peace.

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