Alexandria pastor held at gunpoint at local restaurant

Joe Betancourt Jamie, 54, 1346 Magnolia St., was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with one count of first degree robbery in connection to an armed robbery of  an Alexandria pastor, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

Jamie is accused robbing the pastor at gun point while the pastor as sitting inside of his vehicle in the parking lot of Peking Restaurant, 3914 Jackson St., according to the police report.

According to the police report, here is what allegedly happened:

The pastor said as he was riding down Texas and Parkway avenues, a man flagged him down and asked about a homeless shelter. The pastor gave the man a ride toward Jackson Street and while doing so, the man asked about a Chinese restaurant. The pastor then drove to Peking, where while sitting inside of the vehicle, a second man approached the vehicle from the driver’s side window and pointed a handgun while demanding the pastor’s money and valuables.

The pastor told the man he did not have any money, but the men began digging through his pockets and allegedly robbed him of $340 in cash. The men ran toward Parliment Drive.

Officers using the description the pastor provided tried to locate the suspects but were not able to that night. Jaime was arrested.

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