Alexandria man shot at McDonald’s while waiting for doors to open

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating an attempted armed robbery in which a 47-year-old England Drive man was shot while and his wife were sitting in their truck at McDonald’s, 6021 Old Boyce Road, according to the police department.

Police responded to the call about 4 a.m. Wednesday. According to the police report, the following occurred:

The victim told police as he and his wife were in their truck waiting for the doors to open so that she could go to work an older model tan sedan with four men in it pulled up beside them. The man said two of the men got out from the back seat of the vehicle and approached them. One of the men allegedly walked to the driver’s side and another allegedly walked to the passenger’s side where the victim’s 41-year-old wife was sitting and started demanding money. The man who approached the driver’s side allegedly pulled a handgun. The victim put his truck in drive to leave when the driver’s side window shattered as the man allegedly fired a round in the vehicle. The victim drove across the street to Leebo’s for someone to call the police.

The victim declined medical treatment for his left arm that a bullet grazed.

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