Oakdale father accused of stealing clothes from Mall

An Oakdale man was arrested Friday night in connection with theft of clothing from several stores located in Alexandria Mall, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

Kevin Wayne Melbert, 46, 1119 Hargrove St., theft greater than $300 and possession of stolen goods valued between $300 and $500, the police report shows.

According to the police report, officers responded to a shoplifting call at Burlington Coat Factory. The store’s loss prevention officer told police he observed Melbert allegedly try to steal several pieces of clothing from the store.

When officers tried to talk to Melbert allegedly responded by saying he “knew his rights and would not talk.” Melbert did say he was with his daughter and that his car was parked outside of the store.

Officers went to the vehicle and allegedly found more clothing items  with store tags on the vehicle’s back seat.

Following is a list of items, their values and the stores from which they were allegedly stolen:

  • Clothing, $179, Burlington Coat Factory.
  • Clothing, $883, JC Penny.
  • Clothing, $307, Aeropostale.
  • Clothing, $122, Stage

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