Airbase Road man arrested on charges of attempted 1st degree murder and armed robbery

By Sherri Jackson
The Light

Tremayne Johnson, 29, 2100 Airbase Rd., Alexandria, was arrested on a warrant Tuesday morning in connection with a shooting and armed robbery at a Quail Ridge apartment Saturday night, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

According to the police report, the following allegedly occurred:

Police responded to 6010 Quail Ridge Apt. B in connection to a shooting. When officers arrived they found Wesley Lowery, 24, 11 Aymond Rd., on a stretcher being treated for a gunshot wound to the lower leg.

Officers talked to others in the home. One woman told officers she opened the door when she heard a knock. When she opened it, Johnson, who was allegedly wearing a wig and mask, was standing there holding a gun.

The woman accused Johnson of shooting Lowery, her boyfriend, who was on the sofa. Lowery got up and allegedly grabbed Johnson resulting in both of them fighting for the gun.

The woman said during the struggle she was able to snatch the wig and mask off of Johnson, who she identified as her ex-boyfriend’s close friend.

The woman said she and Lower ran into the back bedroom where her mother was. They tried to hide in the closet, but Johnson allegedly found them, fired a shot into the closet, pointed the gun and them and demanded money.

The woman said Johnson ran out of the house after Lowery gave him several hundred of dollars.

The woman’s mother told police she looked out of her room to find Lowery and Johnson fighting.  She said she recognized Johnson.

Officers allegedly found small amounts of blood in the house on the floor, a wig in the hallway, the back bedroom door broken and some furniture overturned. Officers also allegedly found a some pile of money outside in the street just past the driveway.

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