Princesses get special treatment at Red Carpet Event

‘Mommy, she’s a brown princess, just like me,’ 3-year-old Rylee Beaudion told her mother Reneshia Beaudion while watching the movie trailer for the Disney movie, which presents the company’s first African-American princess.

Rylee’s reaction to movie trailer sparked an idea in her mother’s heart and mind. She would treat Rylee and her friends, ages 2 to 9, to a day filled with royal treatment.

The girls and one boy met Saturday, Dec. 12, on the steps of Alexandria City Hall to wait their limousine ride to the Grand Theater, where the would watch the movie.

Once at the theater the princesses and prince walked the red carpet to their seats.

“This movie is very important because it gives African-American little girls a sense of pride and conveys to them that not only are princesses white as Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc,” Beaudoin told The Town Talk. “It conveys that African-American girls are beautiful and worthy of admiration as well, and it can boost self-esteem.”

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