Rapides Parish Civil Lawsuits, Dec. 8, 2009

The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court on Wednesday, Dec. 8, recorded the following civil lawsuits:

  • State of Louisiana vs. Shane Wiggins, non support
  • Dorothy Lee Edwards,  probate, small  succession
  • John N.Davis, probate
  • Capital One Bank vs. Heather Golemon, open account
  • Capital One Bank vs. Kathryn S. Scull, open account
  • Capital One Bank vs. Bernice Cleveland, ope account
  • General Electric Capital Corp vs. Joseph Burgener, contract
  • Beneficial Louisiana Inc. vs. Ruby Myles et al, excutory process
  • Edity Gilley vs. Robert Joseph Mike, protective order
  • Patrick Sean Stokes vs. Horace Mann Property & Casualty Insurance Co., damages
  • Johnny Pennywell vs. City of Alexandria et al, damages
  • Marees Rachal, small succession
  • Jeneail Deville Connella, probate
  • John Frederick McCray, probate
  • Robert Steel Richardson, probate administration
  • John T. Weiss, probate administration
  • Tiffany Haskins vs. Rodney Chace Wynn, protective order
  • Autumn Slovak Gill vs. Dara Wayne Doyle, protective order
  • Dawn Shawnette Edison vs. Michael Dewayne Spears, custody
  • Evangeline State Bank & Trust vs. John Weylain McDonald, suit/note
  • 21st Mortgage Corp. vs. Jeffrey K. Slay, executory process
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Shari L Johnson et al, executory process
  • Christy Anderson Woodard vs. Jason V. Woodard, protective order
  • Deustsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Brenda Lee Jones, executory process

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