Rapides Parish marriage licenses, March 1-25

During the period of March 1-25, the Rapides Parish Clerk of Court’s office issued marriage licenses to the following:

  • Joshua Duane Lucas and Virginia Nicole King
  • David Michael Maddox and Stephanie Allbritton
  • Jason David Wesse and Christina Amber Romero
  • John Allen Carmouche Jr. and Tonya Denise Hill
  • Jarell Price and marey Patricia Herrera
  • Darrin Boone Smith and Marissa Elizabeth Martin
  • Tramiryn Destavirio Herron and Marquita Nichole Russaw
  • Bradley Michael Seaman and Kristin Leanne Tuneberg
  • Joseph Cryer Strother III and Charlotte Kimberly Alexander
  • Gerald Lynn LaCaze Jr. and Amanda Kate Newman
  • Eric Lee Head and Melissa Sue Bryant
  • Alvin Joseph Washington III and Kimberly Woods
  • Christopher Devon Deal and Katrina Patrish Murdock
  • Alfred Eugene Collum and Sarah Ruth Turner
  • Bruce Kent Crossgrove and Linda Marie Cobb
  • Christopher Sean Altenberger and Jennifer Sullivan
  • Ramon Amrie Woolery and Darlene Young
  • Brandon Scott Penton and Brandi Nekay Williams
  • Richard Allen LaPrarie and Heather Joy Hanner Wilkins
  • Gregory Scott Coutee and Angela Kaye Prudhomme
  • Lawrence Anthony Springer and Brandy Celeste Aday
  • Michael Sinque Maeweathers and Surond Renette Green Robertson
  • Arnold Ray Sims and Dora Marie Maguire Green
  • Jayaprakash Sothinathan and Sarah Czerena Bates
  • David Lee Cammack and Ganell Marie Lacombe
  • Winnie Simmons and Anna Gail Wardsworth
  • Tyler Evan Greene and Lacey Crystal Dawn Lacey Thornhill
  • Michael Lynn Satcher and Courtney Renee Lowe
  • Kenneth Dewayne Ferrell Jr. and Sonya Lynette Fountain Carrozzo
  • Vince Edmond Spurgeon and Amy Michelle Steele Ates
  • Tommy Jay Dmetric Johnson and Jada Dionne Smith
  • Edward Thomas Blue Jr. and Crystal Lane Lachney
  • Sean Demon Fields and Keisha Franciene Washington
  • Dustin Blake Johnson and Tamera Annette Murphy
  • Walter Ray Myers and Modenia Kay Fisher Foster
  • Raymond Leo Lambert Jr. and Bonnie Davis
  • James Stewart Whittle and Janet Faye Rand Keckler
  • Robert Lee McQueen Jr. and Audrey Renea Brown
  • Jeremy Michael Young and Star Bethany Delcambre
  • Chance Joseph Farace and Sabrina Ann Pace Foster
  • Dayton Cory Maricle and Kayla Lavon Strother
  • Juan Jose Saldana Jr. and Shannon Leigh Miller Voiselle
  • Robert James Gaston Jr. and Tenisha Nicole Bradford
  • Tony Maurice McDonald and Evie Lena Deary Landry
  • Byron Chase Hawthorne and Malery Ann Perkins
  • Justin Michael McDaniel and Casey Valley Sorrells
  • Joseph Lynn Thornill and Molly Anne Tynes
  • Kelvert John Lemonia and Ashanti Shawnee Frazier
  • Thomas Russell Hataway and Kimberly Ann Rizzo
  • Brent Duane Reeves and Arielle Hope Brossett
  • Thomas Carroll Morvant and Erine Elaine Smith
  • Peter Black Socia and Kristen Michelle Bordelon
  • Richard Steven Logsdon and Amanda Marie Barton
  • Joshua Neil Dauzat and Sarah Renee Howell
  • Cade Maloy Hilton and Brooks Nicole Brunson
  • Daniel Blake Bartholomew and Kayla Bolding
  • Amr El Sayed Khorshed and Dalia El Sayed El Metawally
  • Chad Andrew Smith and Jamie Lynn George
  • Joseph Dwayne Gauthreaux and Spencer Landis
  • Carlous DeJuan Smith and Amanda Ardoin
  • Dallas Ray Kennedy and Melissa Gayle Harper Lopez
  • Davetric Larone Clark and Jaquanna Jelyn Smith
  • Terry James Henry Griffth and Melva Marie Creel Henry
  • Raymond Gene Haralson and Marie Angelica Jimenez-Gonzalez
  • David Albert Andries III and Julia Leeanne Monroe
  • Alton Martin and Renee Delong Stacey
  • James Luther Nichols III and Mary Margaret Ussery
  • Steven Jeremy Pittman and Nicole Denee Walker
  • Charlie Joe Roshto and Frankie June Marler Roshto
  • Michael David Doyle and Abigail Patricia Brown
  • Michael Malen Stickels and Hope Estelle Slatten Lacombe

Rapides Parish Marriage Licenses, Feb. 1-19, 2010

Rapides Parish Clerk of Court issued marriage licenses to the following on Feb. 1-19:

  • Tony Eugene Lear Jr. and Kelly Michele Moreau
  • David Dewayne Mullins and Ashley Renee Chapman
  • R.J. Jackson and Brenda Joyce Keegan
  • John Wayne Madden and Stacye Renee Ross
  • buce Lee Harris and Joy LaShea Bearden Ruebin
  • Freddie Lee Jackson Jr. and Shantrice Ann Butler
  • Chris Joseph DeSoto and Maylynn Louise Morace
  • Wayne Francis Adams and Cecilia Calda Padre Adams
  • William Joseph Shay II and Brittany Rene Hilliard
  • Courtney Charles Wilkins and Benjamesha Eloise Blount
  • Rickey Alan Guillory and Jaynell Elisha Plaisance Prudhomme
  • Stephen Patrick Lynch and Lakyn Danielle Rollins
  • Leon Ray Mitchell III and Ashley Paige Faught Bedford
  • Adrian Lynn Dobbins and Petronia Deandrea Malone
  • Darrell Lamar Domino and Dasha Danielle Nelson King
  • Michael Paul Tassin and Leigh Ann Lagasse
  • Charles Henry Munsterman and Deena Gail Neely
  • Earnest Henderson Griffin IV and Rosalie Cintron
  • Rodney Joe Rayborn and Katina Lynn Goff Owings
  • Jarome Darnell Davis and Stephanie LaShun Dixon
  • Jonathan Howell Manuel and Rochelle Angela Ford
  • Anthony Lewis Green and Kristen Natasha Arnold
  • Phillip cole Gaspard and Chelsea Monroe Duke
  • Kenneth Chadwick Killian and Marissa Perez
  • Christopher Paul Fonville and Susan Marion Cross
  • David Todd Coulon and Christie Lynn Noel Despino
  • Billy Heath Melder and Gail Ellen Grass Tammen
  • Donald Ray Jackson and Jeraldine Sykes
  • Bobby Bernard Glynn and Tamara Nicole Dorty
  • Travis Wayne Dauzat and Kelly Frances Fitzparick

Rapides Parish marriage licenses, Jan. 11-14

The Rapides Parish Clerk of  Court, on Jan. 11-14 issued marriage licenses to the following:

  • Marshall Shields and Janis Nichole Dean Williams
  • Juan Rosales-Sosa and Adelaida Sosa-Castillo
  • William Michael Wolf and Alicia Danielle Spears
  • Eric Dewayne Garner and Annette White Vaden
  • Larry Dewayne Free Jr. and Susie Marie Deville
  • Ronnie Matthew Mabou and Christine Ann Smith
  • John Wayne Bennett and Melissa Renee Floyd Turney
  • Steven Glenn Herrin and Kitty Sue Martin
  • Derrick Jermaine Batiste and Latriece Moncele Turner

Rapides Parish marriage licenses, Jan. 4-8

The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court Office issued marriage licenses to the following on Jan. 4-8:

  • Jackie Leon Smith Jr. and Amy Marie Drouin Rachal
  • Jermaine Lee White and Vickey Sharee Easley Thomas
  • Andrew Richard Mjor and Glynnis Larrie Owens
  • Neal Nassor Martin and Nicole Jane Galang Barnes
  • Albert Boyd and Barbara Jean McClain
  • Justin Cody Smith and Casandra Renee Gray
  • Raymond Matthew Willis and Rana Elyse Nash
  • Mitchell Ray  Augustine Jr. and Geryln Ann Sherman
  • Edward Sterling Walker and Tina Marie Sanders Lamkin
  • Kyle Michael Guillory and Valerie Ann Degeyter
  • James Andrew Green Jr. and Brenda Sue Reed
  • Keith Everett Bailey and Kacey Delane Stevens

Rapides Parish marriage licenses, Dec. 28-30

The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court issed marriaged licenses to the following:

  • Kevin Ubie Johnson and Ingrid Fany Johnson
  • Eric Wayne Vigers and Shannah Dane Fontenot
  • Ryan Scott Strain and Alaina Michelle Watson
  • Bobby Louis Blade and Ashley Rocquel Beasley
  • James David Rasco and Shiloh Ann White Ramirez
  • Timothy Michael Rogers and Christina Leeann Jones
  • Bobby Danyale Rose and Greta Janea Saunders
  • James Henry Robinson Jr. and Catherine Martin Robinson
  • Jason Scott Garret and Tina Rene King Cole

Rapides Parish Marriage Licenses, Dec. 9-17

The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court on Dec. 9-17 issued marriage licenses to the following:

  • Tommy Aaron Jr. and Tabatha Vanta Jones
  • Cube Jamal Murray and Rene Sanchez
  • Sylvanus Thaddeus Howell and Maurita Ann Pace Hollowell
  • William Edward Wilson and Donellen Gatheright Windham
  • John Wesley McClinton and Bailey Gail Roberts
  • Demetrice Darnell allen and Adrienne Terrelle Hamilton
  • Ronald Wayne Richard and Yolanda Evonnie Reed
  • Roy Winfred Pitchford and Julia Carolyn Guernsey-Shaw
  • Wesley Mitchell Ellzey and Caitlin Samantha Rizzo
  • Kevin Michael Hartley and Lauren Brooke McCain
  • Jeffrey Steven Bruno and Jennifer Ellynn Teasley Kunz
  • Floyd Keith Grass and Terry Lynn Price Wallace
  • Ray Christa Petting Jr. and Jessica Fern Myers
  • Marvin Lee Hammond and Belinda Stevenson Simmons
  • Lane Doughlas Ashmore and Julie Dee Strother Cash
  • Eric Lee Ingram and Delanie Rae Daws
  • Gilbert Ray Self and Juanita Henrietta Lewis Darby
  • Michael Anthony Broussard and Candice Marie Cobb
  • Miguel Angel Navarro and Giselle Hernandez
  • Terry Don Porter and Joyce Evonne Cornette
  • Rodney Wayne White and Claire Louise Slaughter
  • Robert Lee Moncreary and Veronica Nicole Rhines
  • Kyle Lynn Smetak and Miranda Louise Anderson
  • Donald Ray Dotson Jr. and Lacey Ann Brand
  • Ronnie Veal Jr.and Jasymn Eureka King
  • Steven Dubois and Tabitha Deanne Parent
  • Trenton Walker Owen and Angela Jean Pierce Freet

Rapides Parish Marriage Licenses, Dec. 8, 2009

The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court on Wednesday, Dec. 8, issued marriaged licenses to the following:

  • Randy Earl Olinger and Cherrie Annette McCombs Robinson
  • Robert Neal Smith and Vonda Prudence Smith
  • Rufus Lemont Paul and LaQuandra D’Rochelle
  • Tommy Aaron Jr. and Tabatha Vanta Jones
  • Cube Jamal Murray and Rene

Rapides Parish marriage licenses, Dec. 7

The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court issued marriage licenses to the following on Dec. 7:

  • Randall Chapman Jordan and Cherie Meri McClaran Guidry.
  • Michael Thomas Anderson and Dwana Lynn Avant Crawford
  • Michael Shane Nolen and Britany Marie Cupp
  • Don Lewis Brown and Hilda Rebecca Batiste

Rapides Parish marriage licenses, Dec. 4

The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court’s Office issued the following marriage licenses on Friday, Dec. 4:

  • Gerald Lee Mitchell and Betty Marie Williams
  • Bobby Dean Peel and Yvonne Vara Ray Sullivan
  • James Benjamin Irvin III and Crystal McCallon
  • Desmon D’Wayne Green and Porsha Vonnetta Kelly
  • Robert DeWayne Frith Jr. and Amanda Kay Marshall

Rapides Parish, Marriage Licenses, Dec. 3

The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court issued marriage licenses to the following:

  • Carl James Armand and Marye Theresa Mathews
  • Bruce Beaubouef and Marcella Flinora Berry Cole
  • Brandon Williams Broussard and Betty Marie Williams

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